Name: Benefactor
Price: 100.00

In-Game Prefix: [Sponsor]
Purchasing Sponsor rank will grant you the following abilities:

All abilities from Donator, VIP, Platinum, Creator, and Sponsor
Chat upgrade 
- Use colors and formatting in chat!

/warp benefactor - Upon joining, contact a moderator and you will be given a 100x100 Plot of land, with a floor of your choice. This land will be WorldGuarded to you and any Donators who you choose. This may not apply under VERY special circumstances. This 100x100 terrian will be copied through server resets. These areas are present in /warp benefactor
/auras - Unlocks the Benefactor aura! Do /auras to view all your unlocked auras.

(Owner's Note: Regarding the chat upgrades, these MUST be used responsibly. Spamming &k text is NOT tolerated. If these are abused they will be removed/dummed down.)