Name: Supporter
Price: 250.00

In-Game Prefix: [Supporter]
Purchasing Supporter rank will grant you the following abilities:

All abilities from Donator, VIP, Platinum, Creator, Sponsor, and Benefactor
WorldEdit permission 
You will be able to use all worldedit commands, except for Schematics and a few select abilities
/enchant upgrade - You can now enchant things beyond the normal limits
/disguise - Access to all disguises
/auras - Unlocks the Supporter aura! Do /auras to view all your unlocked auras.

(Owners Note: WorldEdit MUST be used responsibly. Be smart when using it, do not make any edit bigger than 50x50 blocks. More may lag everyone out of the server. This permission can and will be removed VERY quickly if it casues issues.)