Name: Chaotic
Price: 360.00

In-Game Prefix: [Chaotic]
Purchasing Chaotic rank will grant you the following abilities:

All abilities from Donator, VIP, Platinum, Creator, Sponsor, Benefactor, and Supporter
Chat upgrade 
- Use colors and formatting in chat!

/lightning - Strike lightning where you're looking!
/fireball - Shoot fireballs at anything!
- Unlocks the Chaotic aura! Do /auras to view all your unlocked auras.

/item upgrade - You can get stacks of items beyond the normal limit, and you are excluded from the itemspawn blacklist (allows spawning of diamonds, bedrock, etc)
/gamemode - Change your gamemode in the survival world!
Expanded Reset Insurance plot - You may either get a single 200x200 plot, or two 100x100 plots in /warp benefactor. These do not cost Minecraft dollars.