CU Mod: "You donated to Chaotic United out of the kindness of your heart, and out of the kindness of our hearts, we gave you a special rank."

-Donations do not mean you are unbannable. You are expected to abide by the rules like everyone else.
-If you are given more leniency by staff members because you donated, remember that not all staff do this, and do not abuse this privilege
-If you are banned, Donating in the past is not an excuse to be unbanned. So if you donate 25$ for platinum please do not say stuff like this in your ban appeal, should you be banned:
Appeal: I cant belive i donated 25 d0llars to this server then i get band for bullsh1t im never gunnna support cu agen i haet u all
Otherwise, you will likely get a response like this:
CU Mod: I am tired of you going on and on about that damn 25 dollars. If you dont want to be banned don't break the rules. Ban appeal denied.

So please, kiddies, don't donate and expect to be unbannable
Donating does not make you better than everyone else - If you go on the server and pretend to be better than everyone, you will probably be yelled at.


Donations, once made, are for any usage that administrators choose. It can be put to use for personal use, but is typically reinvested into the community.