Terms and Conditions

Donation Terms


By donating, you agree to and understand that:

  • Donations do not make you unbannable. You are expected to follow the rules like any other player.
  • Donations are not required to be invested directly into the community. CU is operated out-of-pocket - and doing so isn't cheap by any means - so don't be surprised if your donation went to something besides the next bill or some big feature. (generally donations are stored in a stockpiled fund for specific expansions - just know that they don't have to)
  • A donation is not refundable, for any reason. If you mistakenly donated we can try and give other things to you in its place, but you cannot get your money back.
  • Any perk from any rank can be removed at any time for any reason. (usually this won't happen unless a plugin stops getting updated and as such we physically can't keep the perk)
  • Certain perks (such as WorldEdit, Creative Mode, Itemspawn, etc) can be revoked and you can be banned if they are abused to lag the server, break it's economy, or otherwise be used outside of it's intended purpose.
  • Past donations do not count as donating for an unban. If you are banned to the point of only being allowed in with a donation, you'll need to do that after said ban. (you can still donate for an actual item and receive it upon unban)
  • Not all bans can be lifted via a donation. If you are told that you cannot be unbanned - even via donating - tough luck. If you donate after that expecing an unban, that's on you.

These terms may be updated or changed at any time, for any reason.

Last updated: 9/14/2019, 10:51 PM CDT